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Pay by Presence with Be-In / Be-Out

With Be-In/Be-Out, Riders Simply Hop on Board Without Manually Purchasing For their Fares. Discover How!

Pay by Presence with Be-In / Be-Out

With Be-In/Be-Out, Riders Simply Hop on Board Without Manually Purchasing For their Fares. Discover How!

Explore the Next Generation in Handsfree Fare Collection

intelliTicket’s advanced passenger detection instantly and accuratly recognizes when passengers board your vehicle, directly issuing valid travel-passes to their mobile phones.

Monitoring the entire journey, it automatically calculates the fare based on the distance traveled and charges your customers when their journey has ended.

No need to purchase fares at kiosks or present a fare pass at terminals.

Passenger Experience

Running late to catch your train but still need to purchase a ticket? With Be-In / Be-Out, passengers can simply hop on without actively purchasing a fare pass. This smart system automatically recognizes and monitors a passengers journey, charging them at the end of their trip for the distance travelled. That way, they don’t risk forgetting to tap off.

Even potential turnstiles open automatically without presenting proof of fare.

Simply hop on board with intelliTicket’s Be-In / Be-Out technology!

Set up your payment account

Simply download the according app and setup your payment credentials.

Hop On Board
- Ticketfree

Passengers can ride transit without manually purchasing a ticket.

Automatic charges at arrival

Fare will be charged according to the distance travelled once journey ends.

Providing a convenient journey

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about integrating
Be-In / Be-Out.

Helping Transit Agencies Achieve Their business goals

Not only does intellickets unique Be-in Be-out solution make public transit more accessible. it also helps transit agencies unlock their full revenue potential.

Automating fare collection helps by eliminating human errors and are evasion, providing accurate and optimized revenue management without the need of installing costly turnstiles or barricades.

Discover how tomorrow’s technology can unlock the full revenue potential of your agency, while streamlining operations, and providing a hasslefree passenger experience.

Reduced Expenses

Reducing all costs associated with equipment, such as ticket vending machines, ticket office terminals, paper tickets smart cards, validators, fare gates, turnstiles, maintenance and administrative staff and tasks.

Increased Revenue

The automation behind Be-In / Be-Out ensures accurate fare collection by eliminating human errors and fare evasion. Furthermore, by providing effortless ticketing and seamless transfers, agencies can attract more ridership, ultimately increasing overall fare revenue.

Enhanced Passenger Experience

Reducing familiarisation time with complex fare structures and waiting queues enhances the overall convenience and speed of boarding. Combined with seamless transfers between different modes of transportation, Be-In/ Be-Out creates a convenient and user-friendly journey, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty towards public transportation

Improved Accessibility

This advanced fare collection system promotes inclusivity and ease of use for all passengers, including seniors, visually impaired individuals, and those facing language barriers. By eliminating the need for interaction, we ensure a more accessible and inclusive experience for everyone.

Improved Operational Efficiency

Vast amounts of data on passenger behavior, travel patterns, and demand allows transit agencies to make data-driven decisions, improve route planning and allocate resources more efficiently. Reducing inefficiencies and creating a more effective transportation network.

Increased Sustainability

Be-In / Be-Out eliminates physical tickets and cash, minimizing the use of materials, resources and energy associated with producing, distributing, and handling paper tickets, and coins. Hardware components are optimized for low energy consumption, minimizing their carbon footprint and contributing to overall energy conservation.

Reach Out To Our Experts To Learn How Be-In / Be-Out Fits Your Operations

The technology

intelliTicket’s Be-In / Be-Out technology consists of a patent pending hardware / software combination. Depending on operations, the hardware can be installed in the transport vehicle itself, on platforms, or inside turnstiles. It automatically authenticates mobile devices that have the respective software (application) installed and are located inside a vehicle, on a platform, or in front of a turnstile.

This allows the hardware to automatically open physical barricades and confirm a passengers travel rights when it detects their physical presence.

Suitable for all access types to public transit

Open Access
Turnstile Access
Bus Stop

The software

We are committed to providing the same simplicity to our partners as to their passengers. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to make the integration as easy and straightforward as possible, for both new and existing applications.

Add Be-In / Be-Out to Existing Fare Collection Systems
Transit agencies that already have an existing fare collection system can easily add Be-In / Be-Out as an additional option by integrating an SDK into their application.
Setup of a New Fare Collection System, Infrastructure and App

Agencies looking for an entirely new fare collection system can choose from a custom built application in their branding. Be-In / Be-Out functions, a custom back office, and many other features.

Optional Features

intelliTicket’s Be-In / Be-Out advancements do beyond Automated Fare Collection, introducing new, additional features that enhance your passengers entire journey and onboard operations.

Elevate your service with our cutting-edge features.

Fare Capping - If passengers meet the equivalent of daily, weekly or monthly passes during a given time period, they do not pay for additional rides.

Integration of time passes and discounts - Passengers can store passes and discounts in the app and will be charged accordingly.

Stop notifications - Passengers can request to be reminded so they don't miss their station. Both driver and passenger will be notified shortly before arriving at the final station.

In-App Upgrades - Offer your customers to upgrade their travel class, even once onboard. You can even offer onboard snacks and beverages and have your customers place orders via the app.

Real-Time Crowd Meter - Providing passengers with insights on current occupancy within individual wagons. Enabling a redistribution to emptier segments and an improved travel experience.

Interaction-Free Ticket Inspection - Inspectors can recognize if a passenger is in possession of an e-ticket by simply walking by. No interaction needed, increasing staff safety.

Opt.-In When Boarding - - Agencies that prefer passengers checking in manually can remind them via push notification the moment they board vehicles or approach turnstiles, Simply swipe check-in.

Add-Ons for additional passengers or large luggage - Passenders can easily ado extras to their trip if the are travelling with children or additional luggage.

Personalized Notifications - Reach your passengers on board specific lines and deliver relevant real-time information regarding their journey. Also available in offline environments.

Please Note – access to above features may be compromised if the required hardware is installed outside of vehicles, e.g. only on platforms or at bus stops.

Frequently asked questions

Be-In/Be-Out can work offline to provide reliable & constant functionality even at high speeds or when underground.

Users may choose to pay their trips via credit card, debit card, PayPal or account credit.

Yes, Be-In/Be-Out can differentiate if there is a change in vehicles and adjust to the according pricing, provided the vehicle of transportation belongs to an official partner.

Your smart phone will receive a push notification letting you know that you are checked in. If you are not sure, you can check the ride screen in the app for your current ride status. 

Similar to when you are checked in, your smart phone will notify you by push notification.The next time you open your app you will also receive a payment update and itinerary.

At the moment this is not possible. However, if you have been wrongly charged for a trip, you may contact us at

We are currently working on adding a feature that allows you to add other passengers manually. But for now, intelliTicket works as a one passenger per app system.

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Be-In / Be-Out

Service Technicians

Part Time Postion
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

The Role

intelliTicket is looking for experienced Service Technicians. We are looking for candidates who can deliver the most efficient, high-quality customer experience for our clients in the public transportation and public parking sector. We are looking for someone with the expertise and knowledge necessary to handle the varied and sometimes complex projects and the personal skills to develop rapport with our client and drive sales. We have a service and sales integrated model and each Service Technician is treated with the autonomy and independence to drive their own sales, build their own jobs, and plan their own installs.


  • Inspect and perform equipment repairs and replacements
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance
  • Perform light trouble shooting
  • Respond to emergency maintenance requests
  • Perform all stages of installation, maintenance, replacements and service
  • Adhere to all safety policies and procedures

Your Qualifications

  • Must have excellent work ethic
  • Fluent be in english
  • Must have valid driver’s license
  • Must be able to work on their own


  • Eligible for benefits after 90 days, including 401 (k) and paid time off
  • Optional career development opportunities within the company

Please only apply if you’re very serious. As an equal opportunity employer with a non-biased interview process, you will be asked to complete an application and assessment to make sure you’re an A-Player who also takes this process seriously.

Marketing Specialist

Full Time Postion
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

The Role

In this position, you will play a critical role in developing our online presence, creating a top-of-funnel strategy that will accelerate awareness of our products. You’ll be planning, implementing, and tracking the success of marketing campaigns that generate leads for intelliTicket. This position requires a creative individual who is highly motivated, results driven and a very high level of organization. Must be able to manage multiple projects at a time.


  • Develop a deep understanding of your target audience to implement effective strategies
  • Plan and execute campaigns and events
  • Measure, analyse and report the success of those campaigns and events
  • Create online and offline marketing content
  • Support business development activities

Your Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in marketing or similar field
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience working in Marketing or other related field
  • Experience in SEO, SEA and the Google Console
  • Experience with social media advertising
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (fluent in english)
  • Self starter and team player who can also do it all yourself without needing a lot of resources or budget


  • Competitive salary
  • Eligible for benefits after 90 days, including 401 (k) and paid time off
  • Extraordinary career development opportunities

Please only apply if you’re very serious. As an equal opportunity employer with a non-biased interview process, you will be asked to complete an application and assessment to make sure you’re an A-Player who also takes this process seriously.

Sales Representative / Account Manager - Region USA

Full Time Postion
Deerfield Beach, FL 33441

The Role

As an experienced Account Executive, you will be responsible for building new, and maintaining existing client relationships. You will be required to identify business opportunities, finding and contacting new leads, and sell our products and services to clients across the United States. This job will also allow various outside sales activities including promotional events and social gatherings to promote our products, services and brand image.


  • Building new and maintaining existing client relationships
  • Using CRM software
  • Assistent in implementation and development of marketing
  • Project management
  • Brand promotion

Your Qualifications

  • More than 5 years of experience working in Sales
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (fluent in english)
  • MS Office
  • Self starter, goal oriented, positive attitude, leadership skills, teamwork skills


  • Competitive salary, lucrative compensation system for exceptional sales people
  • Eligible for benefits after 90 days, including 401 (k) and paid time off
  • Extraordinary career development opportunities

Please only apply if you’re very serious. As an equal opportunity employer with a non-biased interview process, you will be asked to complete an application and assessment to make sure you’re an A-Player who also takes this process seriously.